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Duties and Description of Each Board Member

The major function of a non-profit president is to oversee the entire operation of the non-profit. In most ways, the duties of a non-profit president are no different than those of a president at a for-profit company. Liaison to the Board. The board of directors ultimately makes decisions for a non-profit organization(


Board Members
Nonprofit board members make many important decisions, such as recruiting and appointing new board directors, hiring and firing managers and other staff members, monitoring financial reports and conducting an annual audit. All of these duties fall under the duty of care, duty of loyalty or duty of obedience.(

The secretary of a nonprofit organization plays a critical role in fostering communication and ensuring proper management and utilization of important organizational records. Generally, an organization’s bylaws will set the duties of the secretary, however, duties may change from time to time as may be assigned by the board.(Duties of the Secretary of a Nonprofit Corporation – Nonprofit Law Blog)


Some of the basic duties of the nonprofit treasurer aren’t very different from those of managing your personal finances and budget at home. The treasurer usually opens the bank account, manages cash flow and reconciles bank statements. An effective nonprofit treasurer will develop systems for ensuring the organization’s (solvency

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